KS2 Christmas Panto

Sleeping Beauty.

We all know the story of Seeping Beauty … ‘A Princess sleeps for a lifetime in her forgotten palace following an evil curse that has put her under a spell but will true loves kiss awaken our Sleeping Beauty or will evil triumph over good’ but as it’s the Panto season, it had light hearted humour, and lots to sing along to…. Ohhhh yes it did!!!


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EYFS Creative Workshop

What a fantastic turn out for our Christmas creative workshop, the children were busy making lots of Christmas decorations with a little help from mums and dads, and then relax with a little coffee and cake.

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Yr 1 Lark Hill Place

In the follow up to the Children’s toy workshop, they have been to visit Lark hill Place, taking a step back in time to the Victorian era.   The children have enjoyed a workshop looking and comparing to old and new, and how chores were done differently then as most things were done by hand i.e. laundry.

They have also walked down the street which is set as a winter evening with the sounds of horse drawn carriages and children playing, looking inside the shops and houses.

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Yr 2 Welcome to Christmas

Year 2 Welcome to Christmas

As the finale to our Christmas productions Year 2 were amazing with the Traditional Christmas Nativity.  They children had a fantastic time, with lots of singing and dancing along.   A Brilliant Performance Well done Year 2.

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Year 6 – Christmas is Forever

Well done Blonde for saving Santa from the evil Scarymonger.  Year 6 had an amazing performance of Christmas Is Forever, with everything you would expect, some great singing, fantastic acting and some whit and humor.

When Blonde is given a mission to save Santa and Christmas, she tries to outwit the evil Scarymonger, however things don’t go to as expected but ‘Y’ has a cunning plan.

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Christmas Medley

Welcome to Christmas

Well done to the Nursery Children for their medley of Christmas songs, the children were very nervous but still it was a fantastic performance.  With the all-time favourites Twinkle Twinkle and the Mince Pie March.

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Reception Class ABC Nativity

Well done Reception who have done their Christmas Nativity for Parents and what a fantastic show.   The children have been practising very hard, and it was clear to see that they loved the singing and dancing.  What a great start to our Christmas productions.

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