Bloodhound Project March 18

Today we were incredibly lucky to have a visit from one of the men behind the world’s fastest car: Bloodhound SSC. Mark began by explaining the history of the land speed record, all the way from the first car reaching 30mph, up to Thrust SSC breaking the record (and the sound barrier) in 1997 by managing to achieve an amazing 763mph. We then learnt about Bloodhound SSC itself, the new British-made car which it is hoped will reach over 1000mph next year, as well as all the incredible engineering which has gone into it.

Throughout the day, Mark worked with some of our Junior children to build, test and improve their own air-powered cars made from K’nex. They had an amazing time learning the importance of aerodynamics and weight to mass ratio, plus the need to perfect their designs to go faster and further. The overall winners were team Future Speed, consisting of Inayah, Elian and Fahron. They will get their team name, together with our school’s name, specially painted onto the back of Bloodhound SSC when it attempts to break the record. An amazing prize! We will definitely be keeping track of their progress in the future.

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