Crime & Punishment

Visit from Police Officers Ollie and Ashy – By Logan and Liam 4A 

First of all we all we went into the hall with 4R to see PCSO Ollie an Officer Ashy to see what sort of crimes they have to deal with. OC Ollie only deals with small and non-emergency calls like littering because he’s a PCSO, but Officer Ashy deals with more serious things like drink driving and explosives.   Officer Ashy can arrest people and PCSO Ollie can’t.  It was hilarious when officer Ashy dressed PC Ollie into an F.S.U. Ollie!!

They introduced the big red key which is what they would use to break down the doors o get to the scene quicker than just smashing the window.   Soon after we went to the police car and some of us got to see the police car and all the things they use to protect themselves,  Liam even got to sit in the car and press the siren!.

We learned a lot about the police which will be beneficial for our topic Crime and Punishment.

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