Cinderella Panto.

Today our Year 1 to 6 have had a exciting day at the Albert Halls with 4 full coaches departing from school at 9.15 to watch the production of Cinderella. The children raised the roof with their cheers, jeers and banter in the usual Panto Style.

Well done to our two brave volunteers for getting up on stage with Stu Fancis and taking the lead in the sing-along dance routine, they were Madison O’Neil and Kane Hallett who each got a goody bag to take home.

Unfortunately we could not take photos inside but here are a couple from the website.images[6] images[8]

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3 Responses to Cinderella Panto.

  1. thank you we really enjoyed the panto the ugly sisters were funny thank you so much for having us!!!!!!!

  2. abc123 says:

    i now it was so much fun

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