3M Parent Assembly

Well done 3M for a great assembly about rivers and mountains. The children have clearly enjoyed learning about the highest mountains in the world and the 7 different continents and had some lively tunes to help them to remember!


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Crime & Punishment

Visit from Police Officers Ollie and Ashy – By Logan and Liam 4A 

First of all we all we went into the hall with 4R to see PCSO Ollie an Officer Ashy to see what sort of crimes they have to deal with. OC Ollie only deals with small and non-emergency calls like littering because he’s a PCSO, but Officer Ashy deals with more serious things like drink driving and explosives.   Officer Ashy can arrest people and PCSO Ollie can’t.  It was hilarious when officer Ashy dressed PC Ollie into an F.S.U. Ollie!!

They introduced the big red key which is what they would use to break down the doors o get to the scene quicker than just smashing the window.   Soon after we went to the police car and some of us got to see the police car and all the things they use to protect themselves,  Liam even got to sit in the car and press the siren!.

We learned a lot about the police which will be beneficial for our topic Crime and Punishment.

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Yr 5 Visit the Gurdwara

T he Gurdwara meaning Doorway to God or House of God.

As part of the Religious Education the children have been learning about different faiths and have visited the Central Manchester Gurdwara, they have learn that Sikhs worship only God and they regard God as having no physical form, so they have no statues or idols but worship the book of Sikh scripture which is placed on a raised platform, when not being read it is covered with expensive cloth.

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Homework Heroes

Spring Term 2

Congratulations to our Winners this Half Term, again all voted for by the Children and given for Effort, Presentation and Content.







Yr 3H  

Emmanuel Kisula


Abbie Myddelton


Connor Harrison

Yr 3M Inayah Routledge

Izabela Grosu


Olivia Evans

Jayden Hampson
Yr 4A  

Chloe Larkin


Hanna Kawa


Grace Routledge

Yr 4R  

Mateusz Golinczak


Holly Hughes


Colleen Littler

Yr 5E Darren Dean

Thomas Berrisford


Tanisha Begum


Aidan D’Arcy

Yr 6E  

Demi Lousie Brown


Juliet Okoli


Rebecca Starmore

Yr 6I Cherrise Hibbert

Jake Glass


Ebony Saunders


Leighton Vieira


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Yr 5 Parent Assembly

Today Year 5 have given us an insight into Earth, Space and Planets, taking us on a journey throughout the universe.   They have told us about different planets and how these mover around the sun, and have given us interesting facts about these.

They have learn about the names that the Ancient Greeks used for each constellation of stars, and each group has made their own power point presentation about what they have found out.

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MUFC Tournament

The Swinton High School Football Competition

This was organized by Manchester United Football Club with St. Augustine’s, St. Peters, Mossfield Primary and Clifton Primary school participating in a 5 a side tournament. Each team played against each other twice.   The competition was part of the FA Women’s week aimed at getting more girls involved in football.

Mossfield started slowly but gained confidence, all children represents Mossfield with excellent behaviour and super sportsmanship

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The Swinton High – Music

Over the past few weeks our Yr 4 Class have been developing their musical abilities, using our links with The Swinton High School and their resources in the Music Department the children have been learning Keyboard and will also be learning Steel Pans.

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