A Special Visitor


Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas rang through the Hall today as a very special visitor came to see the Early Years Children. What a lovely morning for the children as Santa gave presents to the children and in return they sang Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Jingle Bells.

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Christmas Party Yr 5 & 6

The grand Final to our Christmas Party season in school is Years 5 & 6


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Christmas Part Yr’s 3 & 4

Year 3 & 4 enjoyed their Christmas party, with lots of dancing and food for festive fun

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Homework Heroes Autumn 2

Congratulations to all our Homework Heroes as follows for Autumn Term 2

For Content

Anaiah Routledge, Lucy Williams, Karina Belal, Sonny Millington, Evan Wright, Amy-Leigh Girdlestone, Cole Thornton, Elliot Cawley Jake Rogers Joe Garrity and Tanisha Begum.

For Effort

Tyler Girdleston, Ava Swindells, Luke Ince, Sophie Berry, Hanna Kawa, Freya Hampson Jayden Miller, Layton Woods Brown, Bethany Henry, Cory Procter, Esha Salim, and Jessica Fox.

For Presentation 

Madison Stockton, Michael Triki, Madison Edwards, Kevin Markiewicz, Lilie Wood, Colleen Littler Eyres, Alicia Harrison, Jo Williams and Maheer Basit

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Mossfield Choir

School Choir Visit the Lowry Mill

The Children were invited to sing our rehearsed Christmas carols at Lowry Mill while the employees there enjoyed their Christmas dinner in the dinner hall.

They were very impressed with how the choir sang and behaved and as a treat we had a drink, a mince pie and the children were given a wrapped gift on our way out!



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Key Stage 1 & 2 Panto

And as the wind down for Christmas begins, foolishly we take 254 children to the Macron Stadium to watch Dick Whittington and his pirate Adventure. With a twist to the traditional tale of Dick Whittington, this year Starring Keith Chegwin as Idle Jack,  The children had a great time, singing and dancing and shouting the usual Panto banter “its behind you”.

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Yrs 1 & 2 Christmas Party

Year 1 & 2 have had fun this afternoon for their Christmas Party with games and prizes to be won, they danced the afternoon away. Thanks to all who have contributed food and drinks to make this a great day for the children.

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