Year 1 Visit Manchester Airport

Both our Year 1 classes visited Manchester Airport on 16th June, and had a fantastic day, they watched the planes taking off and landing, and were able to have a look inside a plane, sitting in the captains cockpit.  They have looked the services used in an emergency and the safety equipment ,  and were lucky enough to dress as like a pilot, or cabin crew.


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Homework Heroes Summer 1

Congratulations to all our Homework Heroes follows for Summer Term 1.

For Content

Anna Grech, Kane Hallett, Brayden Taylor, Alen Ahmed, Poppy Challinor, Cole Thornton, Amanda Moyo, Ellie Southern, Alicia Harrison.

For Effort

Lorelle Morse, Elian Otto, Marc Linton Saunders, Olivia Evans, Erin Millington, Demi Mills, and Rihanna Jones.

For Presentation

Jayden Giles, Bailey Millington, Fraya Elliott, Kithmini Kulatunga, Colleen Littler Eyres, Lillie Wood, Maisie Rigby Finnigan


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I ♥ Manchester

After recent tragic events that have dominated the headlines over recent weeks, Its good to see the people of Manchester Unite and come together supporting the community.

As a school we encourage caring, sharing, empathy and compassion and it great to see that no matter how young you can express your true feelings, thanks to James for a lovely poem.



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Mossfield Football

football year 5 2017


Just a quick update on sport so far.

Salford Sports Primary Schools Association

We finished third in the league after hard long hard season with a young and inexperienced side, who had grown in confidence and shown a very mature and sportsmanship attitude.

Year 3 football 23rd May

We were invited to take part in M.U.F.C competition with other local schools all the children had a wonderful time meeting other schools through sport.

Year 5 Tournament Final 24th May

After winning our group competition back in October we were invited back to Light Oaks Primary School to take part in the champions of champions group. However we were not successful this time but a good time was had by all.


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Sea Life Blackpool

Year 2W & 2L have both enjoyed a trip to The Blackpool Sea Life Centre, they have looked at lots of different under water sea creature, and this has covered their Science topic learning about animals and their habitats. They have looked at the small sea creatures living in coral and rock pools, to the larger sharks and stingrays.


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End of SATs

Yr 6 End of Sats Party.

Well done Year 6, time to relax and enjoy after all the hard work and effort you put into SATS, it’s time to PARTY

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Parent Assembly

Year 3 F Parent Assembly.

Well done to Year 3 for a great assembly on the North and South Pole, they have looked at the different animals that live there and how they survive. They have looked at the affect of climate change on Mother Earth, and singing the Earth Song.



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