Year 1W Parent Assembly

What a brilliant assembly, well done Year 1W. They have amazed us with how much they have learnt about their topic The First Flight. They have learnt about the Wright Brothers who invented the first successful airplane in 1903.  They have visited Manchester Airport and looked at modern day planes.

They have made hot air balloons and looked at the Montgolfier Brothers who invented them.  They have also written instructions on how to make a kite, and as if that wasn’t enough we had singing as well with “Lets go fly a kite”.

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Yr 5 Visit Jodrell Bank

Yr 5 Visit Jodrell Bank, Cheshire.

On Tuesday Year 5 had a visit to Jodrell Bank, home to the Lovell Telescope the third largest steerable radio telescope in the world

They have viewed the night sky in the Inflatable Planetarium, and working in teams they have completed the Mars Rover Challenge. Working in teams of 6 they had to safely land their “Cargo”… and unboiled egg, with quite a few mishaps only one egg survived


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Yr 1 visit Manchester Airport



The children have had a fantastic day at Manchester Airport.   They have looked around a modern passenger plane, and have seen how they have changed over the years. They have dressed up and took charge of the controls in the flight deck, and looked at the different jobs that each person will do, and how important this role is in flying the plane.

They have looked around the hanger where the Concord plane is now based and the size of different planes


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4A Class Assembly


What an amazing assembly by 4A all about Crime and Punishment. The children have been learning about the different punishments given according to the crime committed, and how these have changed since the Victorian times. They know about the different roles that the police have and sang a super-fast song all about the life of the famous highwayman Dick Turpin. It was a fantastic assembly with lots of acting, singing, humour and information. Well done!!



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Parent Assembly

What a fantastic assembly by our Reception Class, they have been learning about people who help us, they have look in school at people who help like Miss Batty in the office and the Caretakers, and they have also looked at how Mums and Dads help us and people in the Community. They have also had a visit from the Police to see how they help us.


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3M Parent Assembly

Well done 3M for a great assembly about rivers and mountains. The children have clearly enjoyed learning about the highest mountains in the world and the 7 different continents and had some lively tunes to help them to remember!


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Crime & Punishment

Visit from Police Officers Ollie and Ashy – By Logan and Liam 4A 

First of all we all we went into the hall with 4R to see PCSO Ollie an Officer Ashy to see what sort of crimes they have to deal with. OC Ollie only deals with small and non-emergency calls like littering because he’s a PCSO, but Officer Ashy deals with more serious things like drink driving and explosives.   Officer Ashy can arrest people and PCSO Ollie can’t.  It was hilarious when officer Ashy dressed PC Ollie into an F.S.U. Ollie!!

They introduced the big red key which is what they would use to break down the doors o get to the scene quicker than just smashing the window.   Soon after we went to the police car and some of us got to see the police car and all the things they use to protect themselves,  Liam even got to sit in the car and press the siren!.

We learned a lot about the police which will be beneficial for our topic Crime and Punishment.

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