Yr 4 Trip Manchester Police Museum

Yr 4 –  Manchester Museum

As part of their Crime and Punishment Topic, year 4 have visited the Manchester Police Museum.   The museum was originally a working police station between 1879 and 1979, opening as a museum in 1981.    There is still the original charge desk and cells which the children have been looking at.  They have also looked at how policing has changed over the years, uniform, cars and technology.

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Yr 4 Crime and Punishment

Yr 4 – Crime and Punishment.

As the children have been learning about crime and punishment in their topic work this term, PCSO Jackie and PCSO Ollie have visited school.  The children were able to ask questions and had a good insight into policing today.


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Yr 6 Jorvik Viking Centre, York

Year 6 have taken a step back in time visiting the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, experiencing a ride through the reconstructed city discovering the lives of Vikings in the 10th Century, with sights, sounds and of course smells.

The children have looked at different artefacts found by archaeologist during the Coppergate evacuation.

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Santa’s Visit

The children were surprised to hear the sound of the reindeer bells as they sang their favourite Christmas songs.  With a Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas Santa arrived with gifts for all.

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Yrs 1, 2 5 & 6 Christmas Parties

Children have had a fun afternoon with Christmas Parties, Year 1 & 2 enjoyed party games and the older children have been dancing along to the latest chart hits.

With plenty to eat the children will no doubt have round 2 tomorrow.  Thanks for all your contributions.




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Nur, Rec Yrs 3 & 4 Christmas Parties

In the run up to Christmas and the last few days before the Christmas Break the children in Nursery, Reception and Yrs. 3 & 4 have been enjoying their Christmas Parties.

Thanks to all who have sent in contributions of party food etc.,

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EYFS & Yr 1, Christmas Panto

The Adventures of Treasure Island.

What a fantastic fun filled Panto, with Jenny Jiggles as the Hero and the Evil Pirate Long John Silver, the children enjoyed the adventure of Treasure Island. With Dame Auntie Nelly the children cheered and booed along in true Panto style.


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