Year 2 Parent Assembly

Year 2 assembly was about Remembrance; they have visited the cenotaph on Remembrance Day and learnt the significance of the service. November is the time of the year when we remember all those who sacrificed their lives for us during war.  They have learnt why we use the poppy as a symbol to remind us, and have pained their own poppy field artwork, they also made their own poppies

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Year 1W Parent Assembly

Year 1 – Parent Assembly.

The Children have been looking at how toys have changed from the past to the present. They have looked at how they were made and how they are made now, most children agreed that they preferred the toys of today.   The Children also became inventors for a day and have invented a toy for the future.  They made a pictogram of toys that they have and have found out that all children have a teddy bear; they have brought these in to show.

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Yr 2 – War Memorial

Year 2 went to The Swinton War Memorial on Remembrance Day in order to remember and honour those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom. The children were very respectful whilst observing the two minutes silence and throughout the service and were a credit to the school.

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Yr 4 visit La Tascas

Linked to their topic on ‘Europe’, Year 4 were lucky enough to have lunch in La Tasca, where they got to sample lots of different Spanish foods whilst experiencing an authentic Spanish atmosphere and culture. All of the children enjoyed trying lots of tasty tapas and were not afraid to try new dishes!!

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Yr 1 Martin Mere

Year 1 went to Martin Mere to take a look at the types of plants that grow in the wetlands and the different species of animals and their habitats. The cold and miserable day did not dampen their spirits as they enjoyed getting close to nature. As well as looking at the different types of plants, the children saw many different species of birds including ducks, geese and swans. A great day was had by all!

Awaiting Photos !

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Mossfield Football Team

Over the last few weeks Mossfield’s football team have taken part in the Salford Primary Sports Association, League 2. They have competed again St. Augustine’s, St. Marks, St. Mary’s, Wardley Primary, St. Peters and St. Charles.

They have also taken part in the Bill Hayhurst Cup and Manchester United Memorial Cup,   what a great few weeks.


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Year 2L – Parent Assembly

Welcome to our Year 2 Parent Assembly all about Everyday Materials.

First the children  have played a game, wouldn’t it be funny if…  they have each named material things could be made from and why it would be funny, so if Miss Lawler’ cup was made from feathers it would tickle her mouth,  but then they have looked at why that would not work! so then they have looked at why things are made from certain materials.. so looking around the classroom, a chair is made of plastic because it is strong, a pencil is made from graphite so we can write.

They have also looked at different materials and why some are more suited to different seasons, they have packed two suitcases to see what they would take on holiday to Lapland and to Spain.  They have also looked at different jobs and why people wear certain clothes to suit their job.  A Policeman’s uniform is made from polyester because it is flexible, and a builder would wear a hard hat because it is made from hard plastic to protect his head.  They have sang songs to tell us how much they know.

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