Key Stage 2 Egg Parade

Congratulations to our Year 3, 4, 5 and 6, who once again have amazed us with their ingenious creations. What a fantastic parade!  Our hall was bursting at the seams with all those proud parents and relatives that once again came and supported the children.

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Year 2

Parent Assembly

E- SafetyYear 2D, enjoyed their parent assembly on E-Safety, within all classes the children have been learning about electronic safety, so year 2 have been letting parent know how to stay safe on the internet, and that cyber bullying can be in different forms. 

Mrs. Dunphy has let the children film each other doing silly and embarrassing things, with the prime aim of how we would feel if they were put on the internet. They have made posters and have thought about who they would talk to if they felt unsafe while using the internet. They have sung a song about e-safety and what information should be kept personel.


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YR 3 Trip

Yr 3 Trip Manchester Jewish Museum 

The best way to learn is through firsthand experience.  Year 3 got this fro their religious topic Judaism by going to the Manchester Jewish Museum. 

The old Synagogue building and museum allowed the children to be detectives and search for sacred objects.  They learnt to write their own names in Hebrew, and got see how a services works and the Torah is read. 

A great deal of learning and fun was had by all

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Year 3I Parent Assembly

Year 3 had a ball doing their class assembly on Volcanoes. 

The children made sure their voices were loud and clear, the singing rhythmic and the drama outstanding.  A big thank you to the huge number of parents, and carers, that turned up.


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The Foundation stage have done an excellent job of looking after our living eggs, and now we have all 10 chicks hatched and well , the children have loved watching them and seeing the fast changes in each.   We now have 8 girls and 2 boys.

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Foundation Stage 

Today was an exciting day for all of the Foundation Stage children, as part of the topic Growing and Changing each class will be looking at the Living Eggs programme.   We have done this now for several years and the children love to see the chicks hatching and growing. 

The incubator  at the moment is in our Reception Classes, so the children can watch each day and await the arrival of the new chicks, closely checking for signs of hatching and then once hatched and settled they transfer the chicks into a separate tank. 

Keep a check as we will update pictures as the chicks hatch!

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Thursday was reception Parent Assembly and the children have been learning all about growing and changing. 

In the classroom the children have found some “mystery seeds” and have  talk about what they could be, they have wrote and painted pictures  about what the thought they would grow into. 

They have looked at the story “The Enormous Turnip” which is one of their favourite growing stories, and have acted this out for parents. 

They have each made their own Mr. Greenhead and have showed pictures of them planting them.   They have also looked at themselves and how they have grown and changed and have showed pictures of themselves as babies and how they are now.                                                                                         


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