Yr 3I Trip

Year 3I – Jewish Museum Manchester.

Mrs Irving’s class have been learning about different faiths and culture and have today visited the Jewish Museum. They have listened to stories, looked at different artefacts and have learnt to write their names in Hebrew.

A Great day was had by everyone

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Year 3M Assembly – Rocks

Year 3M have been learning about different types of rocks and how they are formed. They had a fun and lively assembly which included lots of information, a scientific experiment, a play and some beautiful singing with very energetic actions!!

Well done to all of 3M and thank you to everyone who attended and shown their support.


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Smithills Open Farm

Year 1R & 1S Trip

Wednesday 25th March, 2015 was an exciting day for our Year 1 Classes who have visited Smithills Open Farm, the rain held off and the sun shone.  The children first went on a Tractor tour around the farm seeing the animals in the fields; they were able to see the donkeys, sheep, and cows.

As its now Spring time the farm has lots of baby lambs born and the children were able to see them up close and bottle feed them.  They have seen and held a wide variety of animals throughout the day.  They have seen baby chicks and were lucky enough to hold these; they have seen piglets, goats, llamas, owls, baby donkeys and even a snake.

They have also been to the Milking Parlour to see where Milk really comes from and were able to see the cows being milked.

A great trip and the children have had a fantastic day.

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Parent Assembly – 3I


Yr 3 have been learning about Volcanoes in class, this has also been part of their homework project, so  as you can imagine the children have found a lot out about Volcanoes.

Again a fantastic turn out by Parents, thanks for attending, the children love to their Mums, Dads, or relatives in the audience.

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Police Visit

Year 5 & 6 Keeping Safe on the Internet – Cyber bullying.

Today years 5 & 6 have had a visit from the Police, PC Fletcher has been speaking with the children about how to keep yourself safe and the dangers of social networking.

It was interesting to see the amount of different social networking sites that the children knew about, and how many use them.   Many of the children using more than one, and most not age appropriate.

Social Media sites such as Instagram, Whats App, Oovoo, BBM, twitter, Facebook etc., are all popular and easy to use, giving you the opportunity to talk to others on the internet, creating new friends and leaving messages.   Looking at one particular site the minimum age being 13, many pupil are using it, they have looked at making appropriate decisions and who to be-friend.  They have looked at the dangers and PC Fletcher has talked to them about incidents he has had to deal with, where children have be-friended others, meeting up with them and then finding that they have used false identifies and are not who they say they are, some with fatal consequences.

Asking children how they can stay safe they have suggested, telling parents about who you talk to , use parent settings, delete friends you don’t really know, and tell someone about inappropriate conversations.

They have looked at profile pages and keeping your identity safe, only posting limited information and keeping your password safe.   Strangers have used information to narrow down where you live.   They have also looked at how to behave online, just because what you type is not face to face doesn’t mean that it is not racist, homophobic or bullying.  Police take this constant harassment very seriously no matter what age.    It was discussed that if you can’t say it to someone’s face then don’t post it, type it or text it!

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Year 5 – Computer Programming

Year 5 have been having fun learning about computer programming at The Swinton High School this half-term. They have been creating an animated character to use in their very own computer game!

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Comic Relief

Own Clothes Day

Friday 13th could be a bad day for some but not for the children at Mossfield, today the children enjoyed an Own Clothes Day and raised £313 for Comic Relief.

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