Homework Heroes Autumn Term 1

Congratulation to our Homework Heroes this Term who have each won a Medal!



For Presentation


For Effort


For Content

Yr 3I – WWII Colleen Littler Mikey Cheetham Elliott Cawley & Holly Hughes.
Yr 3M – WWII Ellie Southern Ben Williams Amanda Moyo
Yr 4 – Dinosaurs Malwina Abrahamyan Bethany Henry Cameron Hennesey
Yr 5 – Tudors Courtney-Leigh Edwards Cherrise Hibbert Junior Allen
Yr 6 – Food Jasmin Belal McKenzie Ward Jayden


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Parent Assembly YR 3M

Parent Assembly – Year 3M

A great Assembly by Year 3, the children have been working hard on this topic and have learn lots of facts and information about World War II, and the effects it had on evacuees.

They have looked at rationing especially on food and coupons used, but later on clothes as well, and have looked at the “Fashion” changes during this time.

Many clothes were passed onto others once they had been outgrown and then eventually made into something else. They have looked at uniforms worn by the soldiers and the important part that women played. In 1941 they also helped with the war effort operating machinery and making ammunition.

They has also listened to and sang songs that were heard on the wireless.


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Halloween 2014

What a fantastic day, take a look at the spooky going’s-on at our Halloween Party, to view all pictures please use the tab at the top of the page for Halloween 2014……. Be Afraid, Be very Afraid!


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Harvest Assembly – Yr 6.


Harvest Festival.

To start our assembly the children have looked at the word harvest and what it means, the celebration of food, they have also looked at other words hidden within and shown that harvest is not only to celebrate the food we have but to share it with other especially those who are starving.

They have also sung Autumn days and some have shown their favorite foods, and other have read Harvest Poems.   They have also looked at charities like Christian aid that support countries that often suffer from famine and drought, and have written their own diary entry if they were living like this.

They have also sang the harvest Samba, and finished with a pray giving thanks for what we receive.

Thanks to all who have sent in donations to make a fantastic harvest, this year we will be donation to the Windsor Drop in Centre.

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Yr 4R – MOSI

Today 13th October, 2014, Year 4R went for an exciting trip to the Museum of Science and Industry – MOSI.

First they visited the Revolution of Manchester which showed the development of Science, technology and industry within the city. This was a hands on interactive session, looking and the industry and machinery that have made components for aircraft, machinery and more.   Looking at the Air and space Gallery they have done experiment looking at the movement of air. The Electricity Gallery lets you look at electricity in the past, they look at houses in the past and how they have changed over the years. They have also looked at the Manchester Mills and the cotton Industry looking at the machinery used to weave.

They children have been learning about Electricity in school and have expended on this through MOSI

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Yr 5 Ordsall Hall

Year 5 are learning all about Tudors, this will cover history and is also part of their homework topic.   They have visited Ordsall Hall in Salford which is a grade 1 Tudor House.

During the day they have had the opportunity to dress up in Tudor costumes and have looked around the grand bedrooms and banqueting hall.   They have looked at the kitchens and what food they would have prepared.

The children have also looked at the toys they would have had at that time and the games that they would have played.


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Yr 3I Parent Assembly

Today Year 3I have taken a step back in time, they have been learning about WWII, and have especially been looking at what it would be like to be an evacuee. They have recently been on a visit to Stockport Air Raid shelter, and have learnt and experiences what it was like for children to be evacuated from their Parents.

To start the assembly they have sang the White Cliffs of Dover, a popular song at that time. They have also looked at when war was declared and listened to Chamberlains speak announcing war with Germany.

The children have looked and thought what it would be like for children during the war how it would have felt to hear the sirens and bombs dropping, they have made their own word maps to tell us how this would have felt.

They have looked at what they would have packed in their suitcase when they were evacuated and also wrote letters home to family about the experience.

To finish they have sang We’ll meet again.

A great assembly and again thanks to all parents that attended, what a turn out!

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