Parent Assembly

Year 3M

Have been talking and singing about “Food Glorious Food”, and how to stay healthy.

They have looked at the Eat Well plate which is divided into different sized sections and shows all the foods we should be eating in order to stay healthy.

They have “Rocked” the food group song, and looked at healthy packed lunches; they looked at activities that are low intensity and high intensity to keep us healthy.

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Year 5 & 6

Yesterday our year 5 & 6 had a visit from the fire service who came to talk about keeping safe, especially as bonfire night is fast approaching.   They have talked about the dangers of fires, and also how to respect people in the community.

They have also looked at the fire suits that are worn when having to put out fires and have been able to look around the fire engine.

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Year 4R Parent Assembly

Year 4 have been learning about The Rainforests of the world, and have shared some of the discoveries. They have found that many rainforest are found in tropical areas crossing the equator, which is why they are so hot. They have been looking a t the water cycle and why it rains so much. They have also learnt the importance of many rainforests and that many are being destroyed, and the effect that this has on animals and the future.

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McMillan Coffee Morning

Thanks to all who came to support the coffee morning and to those who have donated cakes, which means that all of our monies raised can be donated to the McMillan Cancer Support.   This is a fantastic and worthy charity, as so many families have been touched by this. 

To day we have raised £130.00 .

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Thanks to all those who came to watch our first Parent assembly of this academic year. Year 5 have amazed us with how much they have learn over the past couple of weeks. They have talking about a period of time in History that had some ancient people, brave heroes and some scary, ugly monsters…. The Vikings.

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KS2 Awards 2015

This morning was the second of our award ceremonies, with  lots of children receiving awards, as previously awards are for Attendance and achievement with Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Science and Sport.  congratulations to those who received an award in Year 1 & 2.

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Early Years Foundation Stage – Awards 2015. 

Today was the first of our Award Ceremonies in which we give out trophies for attendance and achievement.  Each teacher will nominate 5 pupils to receive an award  for either Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Science and Sport.

Congratulations to all who received an award today, well done and keep up the good work.

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