Homework Heroes – Spring Term 1

Homework Heroes –

Congratulations to our Autumn Term 2 Homework Winners:-

  Topic Award for


Award for Effort Award for


Yr 3I


Yr 3M

Volcanoes Larone Simister


Grace Routledge,

Hanna Kawa

Leighton Waring

|Hasna Ashraf

Morgan Taylor

Levi Ncube

Daine Mann

Robert Willmott, Kaden Atack, Jamie Parker

Yr 4 The Arctic


|Cory Proctor TomBerrisford Keira Platt
Yr 5 Whats in the News Junior Allen Rebecca Starmore Paige Stephens
Yr 6


Fuel Ethan Rogers Aaron Girldestone Amelia Stelfox, Niamh Tew
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Parent Assembly

Year 5 Parent Assembly

Year 5 have been learning all about the Orangutans in their Big Adventure Mission in Literacy.

They have written persuasive reports on why the Orangutans should be saved, and also made PowerPoint presentations on other endangered species such as the Tiger.

They have also written narrative pieces and changed these into a play script with they have acted out to parents. The story the acted was written by Eag Elliott.

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Lark Hill Place, Salford

This week Year 2E and 2L have visited Larkhill Place in Salford, taking a step back in time to the Victorian Times.

This has given the children a good insight into living in Victorian Times, not only dressing up as Victorian children but have walked down the cobbled street looking at the shops and houses, which are original shop fronts from around Salford.  They have each enjoyed a workshop session which shows them different artifacts and how things have changed from then until now. They have seen how hard it was without the modern appliances of today such as washing machines and dryers, and have looked at how most of this was done each day by hand.

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Parent Assembly – Reception M.


Well done to our Miss Mannin’s Reception Class, who were fantastic in their assembly, they have been learning about toys, old and new and have even made their own pop up toys with them inside, they made pop up puppets and jack in the boxes.


They have even sang old traditional songs and new songs about toys.


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Parent Workshop


Thanks to all Parents that came along for our Parent Workshop, completing activities, and making something to leave for their child.   Going around, and looking at parent comments, it appears that you enjoyed the evening and were able to look at your child/rens work, or speak with the teacher.

The art exhibition was also a great success, and thanks to all that have purchased their child’s masterpiece. Again from comments you were all very complimentary about the exhibition and the pieces on display.

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Parent Assembly – 1S

Parent Assembly – 1S  – Thursday 29th January, 15 

Year 1 have been learning about plants, how they grow and what parts make up a plant.   They have shown parents their experiments and discussed what their prediction will be.

They have two plants, one that is in the sunlight and one that has no sunlight, and are measuring these each week to see how they grown, they have predicted that the one in the dark will not grow. All children have planted their own seeds and every day they will feed them water and watch them grow, they also sang the planting song.

They have drawn pictures of plants and labeled parts, and have looked at plants that give us food and how important they are to keep us healthy, and with this they sang the Five a day song.


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Chinese Buffet …. Umm yes please!

Our Reception Classes (part 2) have also enjoyed a Chinese Buffet Lunch, they have been learning about the Chinese culture, traditions and New Year, and have now had the chance to taste Chinese Food.

They all seemed to have plenty and no complaints.

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