2E Parent Assembly – Remembrane Day

The children have been telling parents about their history topic this half term… Remembrance Day.

They have looked at how many families have a special day to celebrate either a birth (birthday), or remember someone they loved who has died; they use this day to remember all the happy times they had together.   Every year in November we remember all the people who fought and died in the terrible wars, we wear poppies on this day in remembrance.

They have listened to the The Last Post, the traditional final salute to the fallen, played by the buglers.

This year is the 100th anniversary of World War I, they have looked at this terrible war and how many people fought and died for their country. They have visited the war memorial at Swinton on Remembrance Day and have shown a slideshow of poignant pictures from the day.


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Children in Need


Friday was once again Children in Needs and as part of fund raising towards this we held an Own Clothes day in school and also sold biscuits to support this. This is a great charity and all children looked great on the day, with many dressed in the spotty theme.   We managed to raise a fantastic £437, thanks for all your support.

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Parent Assembly – 1R – Toys

Thursday was Parent Assembly for Year 1R, the children have been learning all about Toys, they have looked at toys from the past and thought about how they are different. They have looked at old wooden skittles, tin cars, and have compared old and new toys and looked at what materials they are made from.

They have looked at an old doll that was around 50 years old and how they were made from porcelain, but up to 500 years ago they were made from wood or clay, and today’s modern dolls that are now made from plastic.

They have looked at old teddy bears and how they were not as cuddly as they are today, in fact at one time old bears were stuffed with straw or wood shaving. As many toys have changed over the last 100 years they have designed their own toys and how they might look in the future.

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11th November Rememberance Day

Today both our Year 2 classes have been to pay their respects to all who have served and fought for our country.   They have been to the Cenotaph and observed a two minute silence.   The children have looked at the wreaths and crosses that have been laid there in memory of loved ones. This year was the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War.

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Healthy Options

School Health. – Year 1

Over the next few weeks the School Nurse will be working with both our Year 1 classes, they will be looking at Health and Hygiene.

They have looked at the importance of washing our hands before eating, and have watched “The Clean Crusaders”; this looks at the importance of washing hands, to avoid germs.

Each week the children will be making different healthy choices.   Week 1 they are making their own smoothie choosing from different fruits to make their own drink. Week 2 they will be making Fruit Kebabs again choosing which fruits to add. Week 3 they will make a savoury muffin, with different vegetable toppings. Week 4 they are looking at health snack and lunch boxes.

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Homework Heroes Autumn Term 1

Congratulation to our Homework Heroes this Term who have each won a Medal!



For Presentation


For Effort


For Content

Yr 3I – WWII Colleen Littler Mikey Cheetham Elliott Cawley & Holly Hughes.
Yr 3M – WWII Ellie Southern Ben Williams Amanda Moyo
Yr 4 – Dinosaurs Malwina Abrahamyan Bethany Henry Cameron Hennesey
Yr 5 – Tudors Courtney-Leigh Edwards Cherrise Hibbert Junior Allen
Yr 6 – Food Jasmin Belal McKenzie Ward Jayden


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Parent Assembly YR 3M

Parent Assembly – Year 3M

A great Assembly by Year 3, the children have been working hard on this topic and have learn lots of facts and information about World War II, and the effects it had on evacuees.

They have looked at rationing especially on food and coupons used, but later on clothes as well, and have looked at the “Fashion” changes during this time.

Many clothes were passed onto others once they had been outgrown and then eventually made into something else. They have looked at uniforms worn by the soldiers and the important part that women played. In 1941 they also helped with the war effort operating machinery and making ammunition.

They has also listened to and sang songs that were heard on the wireless.


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