KS2 Awards 2015

This morning was the second of our award ceremonies, with  lots of children receiving awards, as previously awards are for Attendance and achievement with Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Science and Sport.  congratulations to those who received an award in Year 1 & 2.

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Early Years Foundation Stage – Awards 2015. 

Today was the first of our Award Ceremonies in which we give out trophies for attendance and achievement.  Each teacher will nominate 5 pupils to receive an award  for either Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Science and Sport.

Congratulations to all who received an award today, well done and keep up the good work.

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  Year 6 – A Fond Farewell

Our Year 6 have prepared a fantastic leavers assembly, with an array of entertainment.

They have been working hard on their dance routine, which was flawless, what a talented bunch.  They have reminisced about their time here at Mossfield, telling us their funniest and fondest memories.

We wish all our Year 6 the very best for the future and hope that they share many more memories in their time a High School.

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Year 6 will be ‘Staying Safe This Summer!’

Our Year 6 had a visit from some local firefighters and got to see some of  the equipment that they use. They were warned of the dangers of jumping into lakes and rivers to cool down in the summer, and of how their families can avoid starting a grass fire when making camp fires, barbecues etc. The children also looked around a fire engine and were surprised that they are now fitted with CCTV cameras as there have been incidents where firefighters have been attacked with rocks and stones whilst they have tried to carry out an already very dangerous job! The children enjoyed finding out more about the ways firefighters protect themselves, and some of them were able to wear protective clothing and demonstrate how equipment is used.  It was a fun and valuable lesson for all!

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Yr3 Trips to The Manchester Museum

Both year 3 classes have been lucky enough to visit the Manchester Museum this week. Whilst there, the children visited one of the Ancient Worlds Galleries as part of their topic for this half-term. The Manchester Museum is home to one of the largest and most important collections of ancient Egyptian artefacts in the United Kingdom, and the children were able to look at and even handle some of these objects!


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Maths Day

A Whole day of maths!

Math’s made fun, today the whole school has had a whole math’s day, each class has been joining in with different ways to enjoy math’s.    Early years have been making biscuits and decorating counting sweets to put on top, they have been doing different activities, using shapes to make houses, making pattern, using our numicon to make designs.  KS 1 have been having a math’s relay each team had bean bags to collect if they answered the correct math’s problem.   They have been playing timetables bingo, and time bingo, and played smartie fractions, they have also been measuring how far they can throw a bean bag and using a trundle wheel.

KS 2 have been designing structures, boxes and towers, they have also been measuring using baking skills, heights and also water capacity.  They have also had cookie themes again baking cookies, designing boxes and solving cookie monster problems.  They have been looking at fractions, and solving problems to find clues on a treasure hunt.

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Year 4R – Chester Zoo

Year 4 had a great day at the Zoo yesterday for their last trip in Year 4, with so much to see they were spoilt with what to start with.   From the tiny but loveable meerkats to the huge Elephants taking a splash, they saw it all.

The children were great, the weather fantastic what more could you want.

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