REception D – Parent Assembly

Keeping Healthy

Miss Mannings class have been learning about how to stay healthy, they have looked at different foods that are good for you, and have looked at how to look after ourselves, cleaning teeth and washing.

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Yr 2E – Trip to The Lowry

Today was the turn for our 2nd Year 2 class to visit the Lowry Museum, as the others have attended the Workshop so did 2E.   Looking at drawing in the style of Lowry and going around the Gallery, they had a great day.

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Year 2L – Trip to The Lowry

What a great day at the Lowry the children have had a look around the Gallery looking at the paintings and style of Lowry, they have looked at some of his most famous pieces of Art.   They have also jointed in the art workshop, where they have looked at painting in the style of Lowry

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Reception F – Parent Assembly

Types of Buildings


Mrs Fox’s Reception class have shown us all that they have learnt about types of houses, they have looked around the area at different types of houses and have drawn and painted their own type of house.

They have looked at what we can make houses with, and to help with this they have looked at the houses the 3 little pigs have made.   They have also designed their own bedroom in their house and have sang a song about building a house.


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Yr 1 Parent Assembly – Animals and Humans

Year 1R have done a lively assembly on their topic for Science this term which is Animals and Humans.   They have shown us their peculiar pet shop which had for sale not only animals but Humans as well, advertising all the characteristics of each. They have learnt that all our body parts play an important part in our lives, and have looked at the 5 body parts that are especially important, and we use these with our 5 senses

They are Ears, Eyes, Mouth, Nose and Hands.

They have also looked at Animals and as part of this topic the children have visited Smithills farm, they have looked at a variety of different animals and have fed the lambs and goats, and have seen the cows being milked. They have shown a slideshow of their day and have rapped Olde MacDonald, what a day!

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Yr 4 Parent Assembly – Europe

Thursday was Parent Assembly for Year 4 telling us all the interesting things they have learnt about Europe.  First they looked at the continents, Europe, Asia, Africa, America, North America, Australia and Antarctica. So knowing that Europe is a continent they decided to find out more. There are at least 50 countries in Europe and they have learnt a song to help them remember. They have become travel advisers and have given us some appealing facts about different countries; they have danced the flamenco and researched European Artists such as Picasso.   They have even made masks using Picasso’s technique.

Next they have told us about European landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower in France, The Coliseums in Rome, Big Ben in London, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

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Homework Heroes

  Topic Award for


Award for Effort Award for


Yr 3I


Yr 3M




Jayden Miller


Molly Fox

Kyra Jones


Michaela Ibhaze

Arwyn Ramchurn

Brenda Okoli


Jake Barrington

Freya Hampson

Yr 4 Easter Around The World |Jessica Fox Freddie Bradshaw Maheer Basit
Yr 5 Greek Gods & Goddesses Junior Allen

Juliet Okoli

Leighton Waring

Yamariam Teshome

Belkisa Aliya
Yr 6


Movement Hannah D’Arcy Rachel Odunayo Kaisha Ferguson
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